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UK Methodists Forums

UK Methodists Forums is a community for Christians to join together and be able to share with others.  We all believe in the one true God, Holy Spirit so the forums is a safe haven to share what we believe in, ask questions and be of support for each other.

We all come from different backgrounds, and, have different experiences to tell.  Some have had very good lives, others troubled lives and most of us fall somewhere in between.  The articles, posts and forum discussions you will find through this site represent the opinions of the individual authors. We are each responsible for our own statements - no one person represents all Christians. We provide links to other sites for the purpose of educational resources only. Inclusion or exclusion of a link to any website does not constitute an endorsement or condemnation of that site or that site’s position on Methodism / Christianity.

All content on this site is the copyrighted property of the individual author. The owner of this site does not claim ownership of an individual’s unique creation. Please do not publish reprints or copies of what you find here without including a link back to the original source and a notice of copyright ownership.

If you would like to participate in contributing to the content of this site, please register on our Discussion Forum.